Quick review of Sony PCM-M10

I have been looking for an entry-level field recorder for ambient sound collection and occasional voice collection. My main criterion is that it is portable with no external cables nor mics required. I basically wanted to carry a recorder in my backpack, but didn’t want to sacrifice quality. I purchased this from Amazon for $245 USD which included a 32 GB Micro SD card.

The best features are:

  • Built-in high-quality omni-directional mics
  • AA batteries and incredible battery life
  • Recording to 4GB built-in memory plus Micro SD
  • Uncompressed capture up 24-bit/96kHz (wave file)
  • Amber-backlit display, quick meters with a simple and responsive interface
  • Analog recording level knob
  • Operates on 2 x AA batteries, or via 3V DC adapter (both included)
  • Standard mini-USB socket on the side and mounts as a flash drive

Features that should have been included, but aren’t:

  • Wind screen
  • No carrying case
  • No option to record mono only

Tip: For quick startup time, leave the unit in stand-by mode which shaves five seconds of startup time. Excellent for those moments you need to record quickly! The penalty is some battery life, which is insignificant. Make sure you put hold on.

First Post!

From the onset, I am going to state that this collection of articles and notes are more of a digital archive of my thought processes while focused on a particular project. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge and documenting my efforts so that others may replicate and extend. My own research and work has benefited immensely from the knowledge that others have uncovered, assembled and shared on the net.

The topics that I seem to be focusing on recently are noise synthesis using digital techniques, field recordings of ambient sounds and other algorithmic noise generation techniques.